What’s Next On the Blog ?

In a nutshell, here is what’s coming by subject and publish date:

  • NEW! Trail Gear page (published 2/13/19)
  • NEW! The Value of a NOLS Wilderness First Responder (published 2/18/19)
  • CDT Food and Strategy (2/28/19)
  • CDT: What’s My Favorite State? (3/2/19)
  • CDT: Clothing to Wear, Clothing to Carry (3/5/19)
  • Signs of the CDT:  Gallery (3/8/19)
  • CDT Section fill-in posts – mostly WY, ID/MT
The author hikes along one of the many surprise cool stretches of New Mexico on the Gila River alternate just north of Snow Lake.

Back in April of 2018 when I started this blog and began my journey of thru-hiking the Continental Divide Trail, I had promised myself to create a blog entry for each “section” of the trail and post it to the blog as I hiked along. I considered sections to be each town where I pulled off the trail and resupplied, thinking I would take advantage of the hours (or a day) off to gather my thoughts and photos together. I managed to do this all the way through New Mexico and Colorado, but for so many reasons that I will get into eventually in another blog post, it was hard to do. Really hard.

Jackrabbit, Natural, Jackrabbit and I (l-r-c ) pause at a trail head for a selfie. Hiking the CDT was exhausting and hiking it with fun people was sometimes distracting… in good ways!

While there are lots of folks out there putting together blogs, podcasts, and creating video for YouTube on all sorts of topics (all valuable stuff), I still believe my experiences and the lessons I learned can be valuable not just to the hiking community, but for personal reasons of growth and leadership as well.

So in 2019 I made the first “resolutions” I can remember making in a long time. They include:

  • Finishing the my 2018 CDT blog posts through Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana.
  • Adding additional follow up blog posts on topics covering food and resupply, gear, stewardship, group dynamics, leadership, injuries, reentry, and more.

My hope is the stories, lessons learned, photos and videos will all hold some form of value for you and inspire others in the subject areas discussed.

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